With music in a constant state of chaos, Insightful enchants his listeners with soul filled chords and rhythmic grooves. His sounds are very visual, with a background in fine arts as well as a Bachelors in visual effects, Insightful is a power house of creativity.

Originally a native to southern California, he now resides in Oakland CA, were the beat culture is thriving in all directions. Sharing the stage with names such as Dibiase, fLako, B.Lewis, Thriſtworks, heRobust as well as many other internationally known beat makers. He is a veteran artist on LA based, Soulection and a newly signed artist to Perth based Label, Sunday Records.

Insightful’s live set can always move the crowd. His sets involves a whole lot of improve samples, gestures for bass lines, and dramatic movements. His sets are 90% original production and range from very high energy tempos, to more of a spiritual journey guided by lasers. Playing from a Laptop, a midi controller, and a recently added effected microphone, his set will be an experience for whomever is listening.

Being contracted with GoPro, his music is pushed out to every corner of the earth reaching people that would most likely never hear his unique genre. With radio play in LA to Berlin and loving support from his fans,

Sites such as ‘Earmilk’ and the up and coming ‘Majestic Casual’ have both cosigned for his efforts.

Insightful is soon going to be a common name in the mouths of many in many parts of the world.

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